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Founded in 2002 by Jeannette Rösner, who was born and raised in Germany, the company began to refine the recipe for its signature German Horse Muffin.  The result is a unique taste experience which is a seductive blend of whole grains and molasses and has a dedicated following of fans nationwide.   Only the freshest ingredients are used to create the company’s decadent muffins, including the German Minty Muffins and German Beet Treats.

Consistent with our mission to provide the finest products to the horse community, Equus Magnificus, Inc. acquired Healing Tree, LLC., in 2018, a manufacturer of equine care products, utilizing naturopathic ingredients.  Formulated by veterinarian Dr. Eric Witherspoon, we continue the tradition of using premium essential oils in all of our products, rebranding the line under the name, Essential Equine.  We strongly believe in their effectiveness, offering horse owners an alternative approach on caring for their horses.

We continue to strive in developing new products that will provide value and enhance the lives of horses and their owners everywhere!

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